Advanced Architectural Design Limited has been able to establish a niche in the Classical Architectural Design of High End Residential Market in the past 20 years. The Architect mission is to provide to our clients the highest quality of design for the investment. A design that meets the owner’s program requirements and is seamlessly implemented.

In every phase of the program I have been able to development a clear path towards producing the highest quality designs that incorporate all aspects of the building envelope, with regard to the clients program. It is very imperative right up front in the integration of the building envelope with the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural Engineering. These elements should all flow seamlessly into the design environment; a good design will use technology in a way that is not seen, heard or interfere with the historical design intent. Our Significant knowledge of architectural principles and construction practices ensures that our work will be superior to that of even the best Architects. I have worked with the finest General Contractors in the city of Chicago and the Suburbs and they agree that working with a superior set of construction documents make the process of bidding the best value for the client in the process.

The Architect shall take the clients dreams and make them reality. The Architects job is to educate the client and give them the information that will empower them to be able to get the highest return for their investment with the best quality design.

Ultimately at the end of each project we should be able to look back and be able to see how the program that the owner developed with the Architect was followed seamlessly throughout the project. The Architect should be able to value engineer every aspect of the design so that it will at the end of the day match the owners program and budget.